USA by RAIL: 45 days around America introduction


2015-10-06 16.27.33

His & Her Backpacks

As Jimmy and I prepare for our final stages of packing, I’d like to thank everyone who gave us such a warm farewell. We will be heading out on Sunday, October 11th to our first destination Miami, Florida. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the rail pass, let me clarify. Our 45 day USA rail pass through Amtrak will allow us to take 18 “segments” during the 45 day period. Each train constitutes as a segment, thus we must map out the cities we’d like to see based on the number of segments it would require to do so. If you take a look at the Amtrak system map above, you’ll see that navigating the country by train is not linear. This means that in order to get to one of our must-sees (New Orleans!) from Miami, we’ll have to take the Silver Meteor (up the East Coast) to Washington, D.C., then get transferred to another train (the Capitol Limited or the Cardinal), until we take our final train City of New Orleans down into NOLA. For further clarification on train routes, see picture below.

USA15_MAP_P229_Amtrack colored routes

Amtrak Routes by Specific Train 

Hopefully that will give you an idea of how organized I will have to be to diligently keep track of departures, hotels, and timelines. The first 3 weeks will be fast-paced, because Jimmy and I need to get to the Phoenix, AZ area by Halloween for the Monster Mash Festival in Tempe, featuring headliner Tool (and Primus). Exciting, exciting. Post-Halloween, Jimmy & I will either head up the west coast and back towards PA through the badlands, or double-back to check out more cities on our must-see list. Feel free to contact me along the way for any questions (or concerns). I will be updating Facebook regularly with photos and stories from the rail.

Kate Must-See: Charleston, SC. / New Orleans, LA. / Austin, TX. / San Francisco, CA. / Salt Lake City, UT. / Denver, CO. / Portland, OR.

Jimmy Must-See: Atlanta, GA. / New Orleans, LA. / Anywhere in the desert like AZ. and NM. / Portland, OR. / More of the desert / Nashville, TN.